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The 5 Top Tips To Improving Your Andalusia Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an exciting and difficult pass time. A lot of people are looking for tips that will help them make it to the bottom of the trail and you need to consider these tips if you are looking at Andalusia mountain biking. There are a number of tips that you can use to ensure that you have a good and safe time.

Properly Maintain Your Bike

The most important tip you can ever hear is to properly maintain your bike. You will not be able to focus on the trail if you constantly hear odd noises coming from your bike. Bike maintenance does not actually take that long and will save you a long walk or trip to the hospital. If you find something wrong with the bike that you cannot fix, at least you will have time to take it to a store before you hit the trails.

Before you head for the trails, you need to look over the whole bike and check for cracked, worn or broken parts. You also need to look for things that do not seem to be working correctly. Minor problems that you find at home can turn into major issues on the trail, so it is best to catch them before you go.

Focus On Where You Want To Go

A mistake that many people make on Andalusia mountain trails is to look at the obstacle they want to avoid. The problem with this is that when you focus on the boulder or tree you want t miss, you generally end up hitting it. Instead, you should focus on where you want to go to avoid these obstacles.

This focus is known as target fixation and you need to use it. While on the trail, you should always identify the line that you want to take. This will ensure that you have a smooth ride and avoid the obstacles in your way.

Relax On The Bike

If you have a bike with rigid or full suspension, you need to relax while you are on the trail. Your arms and legs will be the best suspension you have available. This means that you need to stand up and allow them to take the impact of the ruts and bumps on the trail. Once you know how the bike moves below you, you will be able to sail over the trail.

Relaxing your grip on the handlebars is also a good idea. While it is important to have a firm grip, it does not have to be too tight. A death grip on the handlebars will cause your arms to tire faster and this will make it harder to keep control of your bike.

Learn To Use Your Brakes

When you understand how to use your brakes correctly, you will have more control over your bike. A lot of riders think that there are only two settings for their brakes which are locked and not in use. When you have your brakes locked, you will actually have less control over your bike.

Most of the braking power for your bike will come from the front brake. However, you should not use this too much when you are going downhill or turning a corner. When you do, your front wheel might slide out or you could be tossed over the handlebars.

Ride As Much As Possible

Before you head to the rails, you should ride your bike as much as possible. The more time you spend on the bike, the better you will understand how it moves. Taking your bike to the coffee shop, to the store or just for a leisurely ride will give you the time that you need.

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The Top 5 Andalusia Cycling Routes

If you are going to be traveling into Spain, especially the south of Spain, you might want to do a little bike riding. There is a largely autonomous region, going all the way down to the Straits of Gibraltar, where you can see fantastic areas and countryside. The south coast of Spain is absolutely beautiful. If you enjoy bike riding, you will certainly want to consider many of the places that you can travel. Here are the top five Andalusia cycling routes that you should consider going on if you happen to be spending a few months in South Spain.

Why Would You Want To Go Cycling In Andalusia?

This is a location that is almost perpetually shrouded in the sunshine and good weather. There are beautiful coastal roads, and very challenging mountain bike paths, ones that will take you into absolutely outstanding countrysides. You will have fantastic views of the ocean, scenic vistas of meadows, and towering mountains that have no compare. If you have never been to Andalusia before, one of the best ways to get to know this area is to choose one of the five following Andalusia cycling routes.

Via Verde de la Sierra

This is a relatively short bike ride, roughly 36 km, with an elevation gain of less than 500 m. It is said to be one of the nicest in Andalusia, and it is actually an award-winning cycling destination. There are 30 tunnels that you are going to ride through along the way, giving you a break from the hot temperatures that may exist while you are there. You also get to see riverbanks, meadows, and beautiful valleys. There are also many ecological points of interest.

Table Mountain & The Montes de Malaga

This is a much longer bike ride, nearly 80 km. You also have an elevation gain of over 1500 m. When they do have a bike ride schedule, you will see hundreds of people gathered that will do this in the span of a day or two. It will take you along the seaside, and then you will head up into the mountains. It is a very challenging bike ride because of how steep the hills can be.

Moorish Pueblos On The Ruta del Mudejar

This one is very similar to the previous one. You are going to start in Caleta de Velez. As you climb higher, you are going to see Montes de Malaga and Antequera, and you will eventually descend into Torrox. This one is designed for people that want to have a combination of a coastal bike ride, complete with a mountain climb and descent. There are three others that are worth mentioning that you should also do if you have the time while you are in Andalusia.

Three Other Bike Rides In Andalusia

There is one that takes you along the coast which is just over 60 km so you can see the Cerro Gordo Natural Park. If you want to do another one that takes you into the hills, the Rio Verde to Meson Los Prados bike ride is the one that you should do at 65 km. Finally, the Grazalema Loop is one of the more popular ones. It’s going to take you through areas that are absolutely beautiful. There are historic towns and beautiful vistas that you can see with homes on the edges of cliffs.

These are just a few of the many bike rides in Andalusia that you may want to take advantage of. It is highly recommended that you go during a time when it is not so hot in case you are not prepared for the heat which can be quite extensive. However, you will be fined if you do the coastal bike rides with the temperatures are much more moderate, plus you will not have to climb into the hills. It is a place that few people go outside of Spain, and if you get to visit, you will understand why these are so popular with biking enthusiasts worldwide.